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loans offered by national development bank botswana

Plus Plus Tutoring lowers registration fee to $15
Effective June 30, 2013, Plus Plus Tutoring is lowering its registration fee from $35.00 to $15.00. This will make our services more attractable to lower income families.

At Plus Plus Tutoring, we charge registration fees to pay administrative expenses and ensure that all customers signing up for our services are serious.

If you have any questions prior to signing up, please contact us or request a call back. Please view our rates before signing up. You may sign up using our online sign up form.
Plus Plus Tutoring Now Accepts Payments and Pays In Bitcoin and Litecoin
Plus Plus Tutoring now accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions. If you haven't heard about Bitcoin and Litecoin yet, they are decentralized e-currencies. With Bitcoin, there is no need for minting or printing currency, no need for banks and payment processors, and no need for paper currency of financial instruments.

One may send Bitcoins or Litecoins simply by sending coins to a given address. You may buy bitcoins on an exchange such as MtGox or BTC-E. You may also acquire coins from persons locally. Be careful not to purchase Bitcoin or Litecoin with a credit card, debit card, or Paypal because the transactions are not reversible. Please hold your Bitcoins and Litecoins in a secure e-wallet.

At Plus Plus Tutoring, we now accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment. However, we do not yet have an automated system. You would need to contact us to pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin and we will provide you with an address.

If you are a tutor, contractor, or employee of Plus Plus Tutoring, we can also pay you with Bitcoin or Litecoin. Please contact us.

Due to AML restrictions, we will need you to send a high definition copy of your driver's license or another form of legal identification along with your date of birth.

For security purposes, we may delay Bitcoin or Litecoin transactions for a reasonable time.
Major tutoring discounts available until May 31, 2013
Plus Plus Tutoring is offering major discounts until May 31, 2013. All tutoring services will costs only $30/hour until May 31, 2013. The reason we are running this promotion is to help students prepare for the end of grade, end of course, and other end of year examinations. We are also trying to spread the word about Plus Plus Tutoring.

These discounts do not apply to the registration fee, out of area fee, and learning disability fee. The discounts only apply to newly registered clients and not existing clients. However, as of now. the discounts will extend beyond May 31, 2013.
Putting together a well structured CV
Having a strongly organized and well structured CV is essential to improving your chances of employment; competition for any job is tough at the moment, and you need to find ways to make yourself stand out for your ideal job - this means paying attention to the details of your CV, and remembering what kind of impression you can make on a potential employer through the structure of your CV. It's important to follow some simple presentational rules for your CV, as well as avoiding some common mistakes that can lead to you being put into the 'no' pile by employers.

Presenting Crucial Information

First, remember to put all of your crucial personal information in the header of your CV - this should include your name, phone number, and email - your address probably isn't necessary, and can always be added later before an interview. Make your name bold and a larger font than the rest of your CV, but ensure that you use a neutral font. You may also want to include a brief 'about me' section below your contact details, which might offer one or two lines about your career goals.

Knowing How to Structure Information

The best CVs arguably keep things simple, which means having a few crucial sections that tell an employer about your work history and your education; put your work information first, and structure past jobs in order from your most recent - you might also want to include a few brief lines about areas of responsibility in those jobs, and any awards. Your education section should be brief and to the point, and should also be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent qualifications.

Only the Most Essential Information

Depending on the job you're applying for, you'll have different options for how much information you include; if it's a low paid, temporary job, then a five page CV probably isn't the best idea - look to trim out any information that's not immediately relevant to the position that you're applying for - this might include a part time job from when you're 16, as well as any hobbies. Personal information like hobbies shouldn't really be part of a professional CV, and can give the impression that you're padding out your lack of work experience.

Revise Your CV

Don't just rely on one CV for every job you apply for. Depending on the job, you want to adjust information - if applying for an office job, expand on any related experience with a few extra lines about responsibilities. You also need to look at any job or CV specifications on an employer's website, as they may only want a maximum of pages - make sure you don't overlook this information, as it can damage your application if ignored.


Never send off a CV until you've seen what it looks like when printed; does the font you've used look okay, and do you need to revise your spacing? If it's difficult to read, separate out long sections and use more spacing, but don't make it look like you're stretching out information to fill pages. Moreover, get someone else to look over it, and always proofread to avoid making some unnecessary errors.

Steps to Executive Education

Business is the ruling force behind any economy. The ability of any economy to perform business successfully boosts its growth. When the economy is broken down into regional performances and further individual performances, you realize that performances of businesses are not equal. Some of these businesses perform specifically well and their profit margins commendable. However, some companies perform poorly; not because they lack the necessary workforce to pull strings together and make these profits, but have lacked the required executive education that the performing offer to their managers. There are steps that business executives need to follow before enrolling their employees for executive education.


An executive education is a graduate based courses offered to business executives such as managers, CEOs and COOs to quip them with knowledge on how to increase performance and come up with solutions to would be problems. Colleges and universities worldwide tailor this course in line with the emerging trends in the business market. This allows the executives to react to any situation that might occur to the business. Executive education is important for a variety of reasons. Business leaders encourage companies to offer such types of educations to their employees if they need better results.


Many view executive education as a motivation to work better and give out better performances. Many managers, who have undertaken this program, prove worthy of making the business grow. Business owners should understand that the world of business is so competitive that any cutthroat results to fierce consequences of the competition. Education is the best-known way of increasing knowledge apart from experience. Executive education serves the same purpose. It motivates the employee to face challenges with more enthusiasm and courage other than letting the challenge cripple down the business. A motivated work force does more work and accomplishes several goals within a short period of time.

Notification of employees

A number of factors have to come into play if employees are to enroll for such classes. First and most important, is the goal the company wants to achieve. The company should converse with its employees and make them understand what the company is seeking to achieve in the next period of their calendar. After this, they ought to know which of their employees are capable of handling the responsibility at hand. This is important as it cuts down on expenditure and makes the company viable of considering whether they should enroll for the executive classes or not.

Discussion and implementation

The company can then go ahead with its discussions. This time not with the employees, but with executive education professionals to help them gauge know which courses are suitable for the employees. Discussions with the professionals should also include the period in which the courses will not interfere with the business's operations. Executive education is a short-term solution to business situations. With all these steps ready and at par with the business's coordination, the business can then let their employees learn. Completion of the course requires that the employees indulge themselves into finding solutions.

Author's Bio: Alisa Martin is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Onlinecollegecourses.com focuses on Education bloggers. You can follow her on Google+
6 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor
It is but normal for parents to always want the best for their kids. Most parents would wish their kids to excel in school and in any other activities; however, there are also parents who do not want to expect too much from their children for as long as they are assured that their kids are doing their best, especially in their studies. Unfortunately, there are kids who experience more disappointments and frustrations in academics than any other children. If this sounds like your child, read further to know the signs that your child needs a tutor.

Lack of Interest

A child who loses interest in their studies will never run out of alibis for not doing their homework or for not studying even when an exam is approaching. Some parents even resort to bribery and punishment just to force their children to study or to do their homework. However, despite all these efforts the child still comes home with a poorly rated school card in their hands.

Lack of Confidence

When your child receives their card and sees that their grades are poor, then he/she will then complain the subjects were just too difficult for them. This complaint will also be followed with a claim that he/she just cannot achieve good grades no matter how much they try. This lack of confidence will also manifest when the child refuses to study because she claims everything is just too complicated for her.

Lack of Attention

Another indication that your child badly needs a tutor is when his/her teacher complains about their inattentiveness. For example, your child may often be found talking to their classmates even when the teacher is still discussing. He/she may also often be caught reading some other books instead of the one required by the teacher. Another example could be when your child spends more time doodling instead of listening to his teacher’s lessons. Another worse indication that your child has to be tutored is when he is often caught sleeping during class hours.

Wrong Answers / Unfinished Homework

Even if your child spends a lot of time working on their homework, he/she may still end up with the wrong answers. There are even times when he/she will never be able to finish answering his assignments because they give up on it and because of that, they claim they don’t have the right answers.

Showing Signs of Test Anxiety

Your child talks about his upcoming Math Test and expresses doubts that he/she is going to pass the test. As the “big day” approaches, you will find your child having complaints of an upset stomach. You will also find him biting his nails more often than before, and during the actual exam day, he/she becomes even more anxious and nervous that the lose their appetite for breakfast.

Refuses to Talk about School

When you notice that your child refuses to talk about anything that entails about his studies or about his school, then they need a tutor. Moreover, whenever your child is asked about any school event, they will tend to look away and signal you to change the topic. It is because the thought of school and studies will only bring about too much anxiety.

This post was contributed by Hannah M. To find out what things cost, visit her website - Howmuchisit.org.

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